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on August 27, 2010 - 3:08pm



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Can't wait to get it

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and damn, couldnt believe u took both idris and the cop out, when they both had their gun on u, dat shit was sick! lol u was "quick draw McGraw" on dat 1, took BOTH dem fools out... u pissed me off with how u turned on your mans, but i feel it, and damn that was slick how u gave the russians the room #, den bounced out da back to leave them to get hit... and crazy how CBrown and his bro just went out to die like dat... i will say this: all the people asking what happens and shit, go see da movie! (why u wanna know anyway, if you're gon' go see it?)...but every1 dat dies goes out like a G, i will say that....i dunno who dies, i aint gon' tell u that, but all that do die, they go out like real Gz man 4real, its good.... AND everything "eniquolet" said below! i agree with everything he/she said: a prequel would be great man, a lot of storylines to that, it would be interesting to see everything "eniquolet" talked about, all dat shit would be cool and ya'll should really do that, that would be tight, maybe even tighter than the actual movie, and thats saying a lot.....

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o, I 4sure went out and supported... I went and saw da movie Friday, and I love dat shit! 4real, and not just cuz of t.i. either...It was a really good movie; I really enjoyed it and really liked it, it had me thinking, REAL GOOD SHIT! and da people I was with felt da same way, and da audience loved it also...and I've been telling every1 since Friday that its a great movie and that they should go check it out 4sure... T.I. did get me out to the theater to go check it out, but i loved the movie man... hey: Know that we out here supportin dis shit man, and will be until the end...dats a 4sure, YOU CAN BET DAT ha! thanx a lot, good stuff guys, lookin forward to da future babi, i'm along for da ride and cant wait.... KING UNGAGED! and da KING is UNCAGED... and i sincerly felt like t.i. did a really good job in da movie, i thought he stole da scences he was in man, u see him getting better right in front of us.... he beasted in "Takers" and his charisma just shined through, and i felt like he really stole da scences he was in(even with the other GREAT actors in the scenes), i loved da whole shit...i'ma check it out again, actually.... thanx again, much love peace... and get @ me about when your coming to the pittsburgh,PA/cleveland,OH area again TIP, definatly keep us posted on that stuff...and hopefully there will be an album tour for "king uncaged" or something like that, and u should make it to da BURGH! u know we a great crowd down here man! we amp, i hope u remember us in da Pittsburgh area! (And i was at that AKOO release fasion show in monroeville,PA, and I thought u were performing, but i didnt get a chance 2 see u, but its all good, lookin for da next chance) we waitin for u bro, and we gon' get out to see you 4sure if and when u make it up dis way, we lookin forward 2 it... let us know wat up, thanx homie, really good job...

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T.I., you gotta let me know when your comming up here! Either in Hartford, CT, or Springfield, MA, or Worcester, MA, or Boston MA baby. I know lots of my peeps would love to meet you and see Takers!! I def. will come see the movie and I would love to meet you, you're a true an inspiration in my life, we got alot incommon believe it or not. About the drugs, getting arrested, sent to jail, prison time, and tryin to learn from my past mistakes as well. I too take the time to speak with young people about that lifestyle, and help them to choose a better path then mine own. I've graduated from the school of hard knocks BIG TIME!! and my story has already helped saved some people's lives! Holla at me man, when you gonna be in the area. one luv ~D.

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Haven't gotten a chance to see it yet T.I., but I will soon!! Had a few MAJOR parties to hit up these last few know how it is...gotta keep it pimpin and keep it real! I "blew" all my money for literally "blew"...if you catch my drift "rubberband man" HAHA and on the booze, but it's always worth it when D. come to get the party started. T.I. "what you know about that?" cause "I know all about that." lol. KING baby, luv u!!

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T.I. probably would not be in the sequel if it ends how I have heard. That would take some value away from a sequel for his fans

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3rd of december in Norway :(

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Great Movie! Can we PLEASE get a prequel? :) omg I can almost see the movie in my mind... how they all met. action packed w/ prior jobs. the "love" story w/ ghost. and of course everything else leading up to where Takers started... plus I really love the cast...

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I just seen the movie it was a good movie. You played your part in that film. Why T.I.! Why!!!!! did it play out like that . Congrats to U!!!!!!!

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man, im pissed. i went to go watch it last night but it was PACKED! there was actually a line to see it so we just left. gonna see it later this week though

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In Poland in september :(

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proper movieee

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imma go see it 2morrow :)