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T.I. Covers JET Magazine [Aug. Issue]


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on July 30, 2010 - 12:52am


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T.I seems to feel more confident nowadays

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And it seems like since TI has gotten out of prison he's just been a family man or gotten soft. He hasn't found that sound to build his buzz. With him being one of the youngest rapper why get married has so much time for that.... I SAY ALL OF OF THIS BECAUSE I AM A TRUE TI FAN AND I HOPE THIS MAKES IT TO HIM AND MAKES SOME CHANGES...... his lyrics haven't been same its as if he trying to convince us and himself he still has it with speaking on knives since he cant carry guns it just haven't been the T.I. I grew to love

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T.I.P hurt his career with this marriage, Now so much of the things he raps about are unbelievable. It just seems like he lost his passion for music and it hurts because his my favorite artist and its like he's giving up and giving in to the films and that's not staying true to the people who made him who he is today

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very clever so i wouldnt think u were on it.u obviusly got it then.SPA

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Congrats on your marriage,,

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tip u r the man i love u n keep ue swagg up good luck king

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I think hes so talented, he could do anythin' && whatever he does, will always be BOMB!

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dats whats up T.I. dah best dat ever did it

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