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T.I. Covers Vibe's Year End Issue


  • November 25, 2011
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    T.I. Covers Vibe's Year End Issue
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    Read excerpts from his Vibe cover story right here and be on the lookout for the issue on newsstands soon!

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on November 25, 2011 - 11:41am

Read excerpts from his Vibe cover story right here and be on the lookout for the issue on newsstands soon!


cakalaki joe's picture

Tip need 2 rock da prison jump suit one side an a 3pc suit on da other. 4 album art ,TroubleMan. Like dat T.I v/s TIP. Dat'd b str8 ma dude

Mahad G' swag's picture

but like u said real G's tweet some real luv tweets........Peace 2da real og's we out!!!

Mahad G' swag's picture

but if he trynna to f**k witchu again show him how to rhyme patna 50 finna put through his self he better calm down his f***in puppy a**

Mahad G' swag's picture

50 is weak af' he act like iguana, he got teeny mind even his name is a prove of that cz his name is 50 his mind ain't full ain't 100% he n his name makes no sense TIP despise that fuckin idiot a** niqqa he's under ur AKOO shoes #realtalk

CakesBo0 Honey's picture

Looking good love
Ture Tip Fan

T.'s picture


Mark_2's picture

How many magazine covers are you on T.I.?
Dont matter cuz thatz how life of a King should be..

Marques Brown's picture

"SNITCHIN" is the new plantation ground and it's designed to make brothers bow down. Snitches are quick to tell youngsters to put in work. When a youngster should be telling him let me see your old ass do it first. Word on the streets you suspect on the FEDS turf. SNITCHES are quick to send youngsters out on missions and they damn well ain't looking for their permission. They got the youngsters all wired up to the GPS and the youngster can't see he's getting ready to go down for the federal experimental test.
T.I. do the movie and save the BABIES!

Marques Brown's picture

Morgan Creek is doing a movie on Big Meech. T.I. ought to do a movie on the years months and days before his capture and who really got him. Puffy knows who they are. Don't you Puff!

Marques Brown's picture

In T.I.'s gun charge 50 forgot to tell the public that case was set up before it ever went down. T.I. who was the real Federal Informant? We know it wasn't you. Snitches set up and orchestrate crimes then they go to the hoods or rap industry to find someone to do the time. It's called ghetto entrapment. Snitches also do pic-a- niggaz snitch festivals. That's where they have summer picnics and set the stage for the brothers they plan to pick today for the feds posted up down the way ready and able to take another brother away today. Informants like serving folks with the L.A. Gang Bang Rap and forgot to tell you he was a federal informant in fact. In American Gangster it wasn't just about the dirty cops it's about the snitches that work for them too. It's one thing to crack crime already in effect but it's a whole other thing to create crime to crack. The same people whose names that don't get mentioned helped set up Big Meech, Jimmy Henchmen and T.I. not to mention all the "HOOD" they got in L.A. before being shipped To Atlanta to set up house. R.I.P. Baby Looney and Koolie

Marques Brown's picture

You can tell 50 cent has not done any factual legal research just federally fabricated gossip. T.I was "NEVER" caught purchasing or attempting to purchase a machine gun or any other federal assault guns. Some other brother got caught doing that and put that on T.I. The same way 50 thought in his non legal expertise that T.I. should have put a little weed case on his girl. Is that "SNITCH-IN". Well we know not to catch no case with 50. Is 50 a lawyer or just a under cover federal informant? 50 is always in someone's alleged criminal investigation. Jimmy Henchman, Floyd Mayweather now T.I. Maybe the reason for that is because he's trying to stay off that Jimmy Henchman stand. Word in the "HOODS" is that 50 cent slapped Jimmy Henchman's son and put it on Lowell Fletcher R.I.P. 50 should see if Floyd wants to put him on his card for his next boxing match so we can see what he is really cut from. And don't do like Ortiz remember to keep your hands up and your mouth closed.

st.i7's picture

im so getting this magazine

PhilliesFinest's picture

that nigga 50 didn't see what happen to shawty lo, destory this T.I.P Fuck that bull shit partna never mind what haterz say ignore them to they fade away, these nigga's still u grateful after all the game U gave away! Philly 215 aphillyated

cakalaki joe's picture

I like how tip spoke on dat charge takin ish'. Real G like

cakalaki joe's picture

4 real tho,,! Dat sob(50) aint makin no hits, he gotta get attention sum how. Soft as coochie lips lol

jay nike's picture

Yeah, why is Pyro not up? Good look on the cover but I don't see why you mention 50 name he is just a attention whore, always talking bout stuff that has nothing to do with him.

cakalaki joe's picture

Cova of da Vibe magazine, ya boi da 1 and only King!!! daps 2 ya Tip!!!

alexking's picture

Yo i was wondering. When is trapmuzik is going to officially release the new single that ahd been announced previously in the week. Pyro is the name but trapmuzik hasnt released it...

Angelo's picture

good photo KING