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T.I. Featured On 'Running Russell Simmons' Tonight


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on November 9, 2010 - 11:55am

On Oxygen @ 10/9c!


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TIP whats happen man just wanted to say im one of you biggest fans. And me and all you fans are behind you all the way man. Keep your head up partner and like you said sometimes through are darks hours is when we triump the most. Ive been through the same deal you are about to incounter and for me the worst thing they could have done is lock me up and give me all that time to think because when i came out i put all my thoughts into action and i have prospered from it I started my own heating and cooling company and gave up the dope man life and have made lots of money the rite way for a change in mylife, I owe alot of that to you man watching and listing to your music you have been a big motive vater for me to do something with my life besides be a dope boy. so keep your head up man cant wait to get the new album hit me up on face book some time man my name is Chad Miller i Live in Tennessee pease hommie...

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I love you Tip

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Check this out
Lil Wayne Vs T.I.
Vote there:


thank you still here for fun

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I'll see ya for sure!

Jackob, how did you know that he was releasing a song today. Cause I want to know when the next songs of da King will be release.

P.S.: Dying in your arms is so a good song!!! :)

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Jakob thanks

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New T.I. song came out today "Dying In Your Arms" Feat. Jazmine Sullivan, check it out on youtube

It's the king bitch!

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waitin to see it....words of wisdom,swag.there is always something new to learn about THE KING....keep your head up!