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T.I. Featured in Upscale Magazine w/ Double Cover


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on September 3, 2010 - 2:47pm

Head to Tip's photo section to check out the entire nine page spread!


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Retirement?! If I remember correct T.I. You said you said and I quote " I will not stop and I wont retire" Stay true to your word and Hip Hop

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told yall dat nigga was on dat shit. he playin in these pictures.



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There's nothing you can change about the past except "your mind". At the end of the day it comes down to your own choices. NONE of us are without fault. We ALL have made mistakes, we just don't have to deal with them in front of the world like you are Forced to. I have watched you work your ass off since you got home to move forward from your past, support your family, and secure all of your business ventures. I will STILL continue to support and love all things T.I. You got some REAL fans out here who are rooting for your success brotha "No Matter What". I Salute You and This Too Shall Pass. God Bless you and your family.

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to bad he got cought with drugs again.... :/
its gonna be a long wait this time.

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good good good

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Mr. Clifford, I am so mad at you right now, but I am still praying for you, your wife and children. You are a good man struggling with himself in front of the entire world, which is not easy.

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you alwayz take my breath away =P

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extremely sexy pics of you T.I.P.!!! very nice!!! :)

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i like yr pic.

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Nice Cover! DEF. gotta buy a couple copies of this magazine! I "got your back"! Always praying for you and your family! #TeamTip!! All day everyday! Promoting Peace and Positivity!