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T.I. - Pledge Allegiance ft. Rick Ross (Official Video)


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on December 9, 2010 - 2:28pm


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Best song on the deluxe no doubt bout it dawg!

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It'z Da King Bitch!!!

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Love the song & Love the video... but help me out on December 7th ( the release date of No Mercy) this song was aired on BET's 106th & Park introduced as if it were on "No Mercy" ... It surely is not... is it on the soundtrack to Takers???

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awesome! a big fan

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poooow leego king biggest fan ask any one copped the album to go with the rest of them king this shoulda been on the album but all good styll has so many bangers the whole album goes hard

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thats dope..

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i saw this
thats nice

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awsome vid.. love it when he winkend...:)

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Dam T.I.P these niggas aint fucken with you

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Jejejeje!!!El puto Amo !!!es lo mejor

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OMG I luv this he looks so good in this video....OMG I think this is my favorite.

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What a nice video!!! Ya the best Tip!!

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love dis tip's swag !

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I been listening to this for a good month now, it goes hard!

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dope song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!greetings from greece!!!!!!

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wwwhhhyyyy OFFICER RICKEY??!!!! God Dam T.I. you the shit man, but Ross is a sell-out. His fat ass doesn't even come close to you, he's ugly, can't rap, dancing like Diddy in all his videos....DAMN. You know he used to be a C.O. shit he might lock you up out!! T.I. I love you man, but Rick Ross.....C'monnnn I'm only saying this cause I love you, could have found some else who knows about swag and not cheeseburgers, FAT ASS OFFICER RICKEY!!!

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I Pledge of Allegiance to the Swag of Clifford "TIP" Harris.

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cool video with C.O. RICKY ROSS!!!