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T.I. Reunites With Potential Jumper From Last Week


  • October 19, 2010
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    T.I. Reunites With Potential Jumper From Last Week
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    T.I. got the chance to reunite with the man he successfully talked off the ledge of a building last week on the Ryan Cameron show.

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on October 19, 2010 - 10:33am

T.I. got the chance to reunite with the man he successfully talked off the ledge of a building last week on the Ryan Cameron show.


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You are a KING

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U R the BEST ;)

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Just watching you talk is a blessin..haha! Although some of your fans can drop you when you screw up, the true ones like myself will be standing there after the dust settles to help you up. Keep your head up and keep it pimpin for us, much love to you and your family, everything will be ok. *Pat on the back* *pinch on the ass...!!* J/K! *wink*

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OMG.... I seen him in the mall right after this!!!!

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I love you!!!!!!!!!!

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To you and ur fam..... you do have Diva4Real support and prayers. Yes, it is a 1 day at a time journey!!!

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Ti: You are such a amazing person. I love your music and i will all ways be a supporter of ti. You were placed in the situation to help Josh and I am glad that you did. You have helped me to deal with some tough situations. You are such a blessing. Josh just take things one day at a time and your will make it through.

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T. I ~ U might not think of this situation like this BUT You are an Angel!!!! U took Time OUT of Your Life to Help Save someone else's life, Where other celebrities prob wouldn't give anyone the time of the day! You ARE Truly An Hero! God HAS blessed you and He will cont to Bless you!
T.I.P~ The Angel And Hero and Awesome musician/Rapper! Thru the kindness of your heart to the lyrics of your songs! U do change PPLs Lives daily! ~~~ To Josh Im happy that You now realize that there are friends and family out there that do love you! U are not the only one Going thru Problems of these Hard times!! The Both of you HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!..... I believe the courts Want to make an example out of you and dont EVEN see what you do for the People!! Dont forget Who you are cuz thats what makes you YOU!!! ~~You and Your family are in my prayers daily! God Bless!

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We all have took a rout that was not meant for us to fall. It was more of how long will u let this hinder your life. A lot of us including myself have taken that rout or should i say mad the wrong move. Understanding the drastic measures that we face are life and death situation.God has his hand on us for a reason. To understand or to help someone you have to take a chance to listen. I think in this case both T.I. & Joshua were both listing not only that but receiving knowledge and wisdom. It takes a real man or woman to be an willing vesicle in letting God use you. Not knowing that it was not for him but really for you. Stay Prayed up Ti!!!

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Tip is so true about the people being trained not to do bad, then theres the other people like many of us who have to learn by our mistakes, then we use those mistakes to motivate us so to speak. tip does do a lot more good than he does bad and when it comes down to it the courts and stuff never notice all the good that he has done. only the bad that he has done. they never stay to the positives only the negatives. tip your a positive influence in this world!!!

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I'm so proud of you Tip! And despite the negativity in the media....I WILL BE A T.I. Fan till the day I die! I will wait patiently along w. the rest of #TeamTip until your return to Hip-Hop. We love you, We GOT you, and most of all GOD got you. Keep your head up and when you get out, MARK MY WORDS...1 day soon in the future, we will meet and we will do our callabo! GOD is working on it, I can feel it in my spirit! lol. Much love to you and your family! -Danika. #TeamTip!