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T.I. Salutes Fans For Making 'Takers' #1


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on August 30, 2010 - 7:03pm

Did you see Takers yet?


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Yes Yes Ya'll !

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ti i want to appied u for making a great movie. i really enjoyed watching dat. i think dats da best moie i have ever seen. keep doina good job and keep yo head up tip!

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too bad i gotta wait till the movie comes to South Africa

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them niggaz wan hate.........i say T.I all the way.....DAMN POPO...mind real popo buznes

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T.I You are so fine.

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What a gentleman you have become. My first T.I. concert was at club Tinted Windows in Augusta, GA in 2001. Since then my sister and I made a vow to purchase only the original copy of each and every one of our albums. I've attended 3 of your concerts and love the energy you bring to each of your venues. My favorite by far was the Final Farewell concert you had in Atlanta before you went away. Me, my sister, and fiancee were jammin' the whole night. Soooo nostalgic. I love both the old and new songs. You are definitely my favorite "Taker". Without a doubt, this is the best film since Live Free or Die Hard and Running Scared. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless your life, your family, and your marriage to that angel. xoxo. Rene'.

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Tip i love u always have been a fan ,and every actor/musician in Takers i gotta give it up to yall.....all of u was great ....i waited for about nine month for this movie to come out and i gotta say it was well worth the wait kept a smile on my face the whole time .....I'm going back to see the movie again this wknd and it is my birthday wknd so gotta treat myself again .....

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damn, went and bought everybodys tickets and concessions, mostly in his city: Atlanta....for anybody that wants to ask why, or anybody that doesnt know, THATS why he's da KING and dats why we call him da KING. THATS why he gets soo much love from da city and all over...dats y his fans love him so much, he's da KING. if u aint know, now u know... GRAND HUSTLE n congrats homie!

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Hey T.I.; I'm so happy for you and Tiny for getting married and now your home with your family. I can't wait to see you in all your new ventures. May God keep blessing you and your family. Much love and respect; The Parcus Family

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tip i saw the movie 4 times already and i still wanna keep going Takers is by far the best movie i have watched in my whole life Real Talk

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in my country it will come out on 3rd september, only few days...

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damm your sexy

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Yeah T.I. I love the interview that you give and i hope that you can make a interview in germany. I also want to see the film Takers, but shit i must wait untill the film come in the german cinemas , it come out on November, 11th 2010. SHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT.
But a thrill of anticipation is there. MAHAL KITA ( I LOVE YOU).

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I went to see Takers an loved every minute of it. The entire cast was excellent. My aughter and I ha a friendly wager going on as to which guy was going to get killed first Chris Brown or T.I and of course my baby T.I won with his thug-a-licious self. I can't wait to go see the movie again and I am definately going to buy the DVD when it comes out in stores. Great job fellas!!!!

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stop being a weirdo

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real talk

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for some reason everytime he opens his mouth, i start dis likin dis nigga more and more

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i saw dat bull shit, it wasn't bout nothing. ti can't act.

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Thanks for all the people that made Takers the No.1 movie this weekend. Yeah boyzzzzzzz!!!!!!