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T.I. Speaks On "Get Back Up" Single


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on January 4, 2011 - 5:40pm


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I will never turn back on U, still thaz KING

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heard that! you've helped pull me from the shit many times in my life..this song is another example of "heart-touching" music that inspires me.

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I love You Ba

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Honestly the song gives much motivation and such a positive influence. He speaks true it isn't like his other music but it is still good! I can fairly say that this song has given hope to many people of the world.

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I am not really a big fan of Rap; but I feel every word T.I. relays in his music! The story of his life is heart felt EVERY TIME he speaks. T.I. is one of the realest entertainers/ men out there. I pray life continues to allow you to do great things. We holding it down for you .

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He is the BEST of the rapper's

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Not ery1 in tha world has turned their bacc towards u TIP. U will always recoginze in tha darkest hour who is 4 u n who is against u. But if God is 4 u who can be against u? Keep it pimpin TIP n TINY.

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That's right

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It's the king bitch!