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T.I. Talks About Life After Prison, New Album


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on July 27, 2010 - 10:55am


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T.I. mane idk if u read all of this but if u do i jus wanted to let u know how much of an inspirational person u r to me. This day and age most young black men dont have too many positive black role models. Im not condoning what u did but i am inspired by how u handled your situation. A lot of rappers in the industry aint talkin bout a thing thats important but u have music that shows there are real people still left in this world. "No Matter What" is my top motivation song that i listen to before i have to face any sort of challenge. I know there are an inumerable amount of ppl who dont like u or what u do but sir im lettin u know there are plenty more that u have touched in a positive way and that u inspire on a daily basis.

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yea i don't believe shit on tv too,it's all fake and not true the media is hungry for money and wants u to
hear that he smoked weed,when he doesn't even smoke for example,the media is full with lies.don't
believe everything you see on that screen you know?;believe your own truth you should know what's wrong and what's right,and believe in God of course,may God bless T.I.

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its good to keep personal things...

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it's good that T.I is trying to keep things about his personal life in secret. :)

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Con muchas ganas de escuchar su nuevo discooooo !!!