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T.I. Talks About New Single "Love This Life" [USTREAM Recap]


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on April 4, 2012 - 4:32pm


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You really should stop doing interviews if you don't have anything to say my brother!
Come to think of it.....are you damn sure you wrote the lyrics of the LOVE THIS LIFE track? 'cause your comments as to what motivated you to spit the track......has nothing AT do with the song!!
You compare the single to 'whatever you like' but insists that it sends a different message..! Thus....A lady can get whatever she likes...with a truck load of compromises! SO.... how does that blend in with men...getting into relationships were they are not fully appreciated by their female partners?? Isn't the lady the one that really pays the ultimate price?
....what the hell has all that even got to do with the fact that you still cannot reconcile that LOVE AND LIFE is ONE and the SAME and cannot be separated!
....What does it yet have to do with your giving some phony advise that nature is divine and should not buy into the hype spread online!......yet you are the King of all Principalities and Powers..... and derive so much joy in spreading all the hype YOURSELF! How pretentious can you get....when the track starts with your requesting that one should get REAL with you....and yet....You cannot get REAL WITH ANYONE....let alone....YOURSELF!
....What again does it have to with your BOGUS claims of having a Strong Mind and Kind Heart!! Do you even KNOW what those words mean??
You know....I could go on ....and ...on....Please not get me started.....!!
Next time.....just keep with the shout outs.....Don't EVEN attempt to talk about things you obviously are not certain of TI.

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Glad you posted this..technical problems provented me from watching it live