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T.I. & Tiny To Host Private Luncheon For Alzheimer's


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on September 30, 2010 - 11:57am



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this made me cry when i heard about the bennifit.. i think this was so wonderful of them and their family, and friends... i couldnt contribute much but prayers 4 the best out come..

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I was a caregiver in an alzhemier unit for two years, but I left to provide care for my dad who was diagnoised and passed from cancer. It is something extreme to deal esp. when it's your own loved one (my granny had began to suffer with it before she passed), soI know as well what you guys had to deal with as do many other people and I think it's very nice that you all sponsored an event such as this. Keep up the good work speaking out and providing the awareness. My prayers are withyou guys.

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I would like to say THANK YOU TO TI AND TINY for what you are doing ...My father as Alzheimers and it hurts me to see my (Daddy) go thru this not only my father but my mother ,brother,my childern he as always been that strong man who took care of his family and i see my daddy with pain in his eyes trying to understand what is going on it hurts to see him like this ,,,,,,,so thank you so much for taking time out to care ..........MY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.... THANK YOU ......EVAMARIA ST LOUIS MO ....PS DADDY I LOVE YOU ALWAYS

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if this was in LA i would be there without a doubt. i hope it goes amazingly !!!

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Beautiful thing!!!!!

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Continue to host positive events in the community. I absolutely love the Grand Hustle, Trapmuzik, T.I. Kingdom! T.I. you are the real deal. God Bless yall. You need to have an orange carpet event for Halloween for the kids & parents in Costumes, that would be so much fun! Have a Turkey Giveaway Gala for Thanksgiving feed the homeless of Atlanta, Do a Thanksgiving Banquet for couples featuring Atlanta artist & fashion show, a T.I. & Tiny Christmas Toys for Tots & dress up as T.I. Clause & Mrs. Santa, a T.I. & Tiny wonderland as well have a Christmas reading for the kids, & New Years Eve Takers Ball for $150 a couple.

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Thats so cool,much love T.I. and Tiny. God bless y'all 2

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the blessngs of God will continue to be given to tip and tiny for aloooong time.

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Good, follow me on twitter @TIthebestrapper