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Tip's First Interview Back on v103 - Atlanta!


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on October 3, 2011 - 11:33am

Check out the King's first interview back with V103. Here's the link to the rest: Part 2  Part 3  Part 4


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I love to see men with their child(ren). I was very impressed with interview. Not only did T.I. do his interview but, he also attended to his son at the same time. The man was gone a year and he came home and jumped right into fatherhood without missing a beat. Real talk. T.I. you and your wife Tiny will always have my support. May God bless the both of you
and hugs and kisses to your babies.

Love Felicia Hardnett

CakesBo0 Honey's picture

The king did a great job representing his self and his family. Lil Major was their spending some time with his dad, I was very happy to see that. Most of the things TI talked about-- I already knew. He's foucused on the future, continuing to make great music, spend more tome with his family.
I'm very proud of him peopl think that he is supposed to kiss ass and be humble, that's not TI. I agree with TI when he said " I don't have to answer all these questions about staying out of jail, I'm not going to it for you, I'm doing it for my family." (TI, 2011)