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T.I.'s "No Mercy" Goes Gold


  • January 18, 2011
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    T.I.'s "No Mercy" Goes Gold
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    Big ups to T.I. as his latest release No Mercy has officially reached Gold status, selling 500k+ copies in the US. Congrats Tip! If you still haven't figured out what all the hype is about, go ahead and cop the album now!

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on January 18, 2011 - 11:06am

Big ups to T.I. as his latest release No Mercy has officially reached Gold status, selling 500k+ copies in the US. Congrats Tip! If you still haven't figured out what all the hype is about, go ahead and cop the album now!


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had to wait till january the 24th for the album to come out in the uk.. it was worth the wait!

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cool song..

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@Your Love says. First of all I'm not hating I love T.I. I'm a huge T.I. fan,I would never hate on him and I don't hate on no one so get that straight.I was just stating the facts and saying the truth so don't get mad and get your shit straight and I'm very happy for him for that.So you shut the hell up.I wasn't my intentions to hate it's not my thing and It was never my intentions to get anyone upset by it.

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@T.I#1FANGABBY428. It doesn't matter. RIAA certified the album GOLD, so he gets to have a Gold plaque. So shut the hell up with all that hating. #Tipstaywinning

Time to release that Castle Walls single since it's already charting internationally.

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when is another single coming to push this album to platium Castle walls would be thhe most lodgical choice

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can t even explain how good that album is it left me speechless when i hear it

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Congrats again to T.I.P,but the album only want gold because it shipped 500+copies not because It sold that much,the last time I check it sold 367,000 and the label company just predicted that's how much they sold because they ship that much out.I'm just saying I'm not trying to upset anyone and I'M a huge T.I. fan

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Congrats T.I.P,and for those of you that keep saying this album is the bomb and this album is his best album,9 times out of 10 your just saying that because your just a huge T.I. fan and don't get me wrong and don't get upset with me and I'm a huge T.I. fan but I'm a fan enough to say this album isn't his best or worst but It's a descent album it's not really all that good like how people hype it up to be.I'm just saying,so for those of you that are saying this album is the bomb and that it's his best just stop to think to yourselves and really ask yourself it is really his best.

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felicidadessssssss!!!!Te lo mereces ..buuen CD

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no surprise for me coz it worth all the selling in the world its real..........big up to the SOUTHERN KING!!!!!!!

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GOld this shouold be diamond its sond real ass shit on here encourage ya friends and fam to grab this album

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Yeahhh Bby!!!
The Best Album Ever..!! Go get U'r Copy If U Don't have One u'r missingg the Best Album of Hip Hop!!

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Awesomee !.

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Gratz yo this is what am talking about....
nice album

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figured it would, his work just gets better and better

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Gratz T.I.P.!!!

But this should be already Platinium ;)

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super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????? ????))))

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Best album of 2010!

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It's good