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Pre-Order "Strange Clouds". Now.

on April 9, 2012 - 7:24pm

What up? "Strange Clouds" is now available for pre-order. That's right. It's coming May 1 ... we hope you're ready. Check out these dope bundles. You cannot get them anywhere else.

If you didn't already see on B.o.B's Instagram, the "Strange Clouds" track list is up and out!

1. Bombs Away feat. Morgan Freeman
‪2. Ray Bands
‪3. So Hard To Breathe
‪4. Both Of Us feat. Taylor Swift
‪5. Strange Clouds feat. Lil Wayne
‪6. So Good
‪7. Play For Keeps
‪8. Arena feat. Chris Brown and T.I.
‪9. Out Of My Mind feat. Nicki Minaj
10. Never Let You Go feat. Ryan Tedder
11. Chandelier feat. Lauriana Mae

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Tip Reveals Diddy Gave Him "Castle Walls"

on December 10, 2010 - 5:00pm

"A funny thing about this record: It belonged to my big homey Puff first," Tip explained in an exclusive interview on "RapFix Live." "Puff, he acknowledged it, 'Yeah, this is my record, but you know what, I think this is a better fit for you. I think you should rock out on this one. I think this speaks volumes to where you are, what you going through, what you living and how you feel.' " -

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T.I. Saved His Life, Now He Speaks...

on December 10, 2010 - 4:57pm

Josh Starks, the young man T.I. talked off the edge of a 23-story roof in Atlanta, sat down with to publically thank those who saw the importance of his life when he didn’t and let people know that you can always rebound from your darkest place. Check out his interview at, where he talks about his thought process that lead him to make the decisions he did, the moments on the roof, how T.I. got involved, what Tip said to him and much more.