Skip directly to content Ranks "No Mercy" 6th Best Album of 2010


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on December 2, 2010 - 11:08am

Head over to to find out why...


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Another great album by the king himself! :)

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No Mercy may be number 6 according to Vibe but it's number 1 according to me. Tip-Ur fans are gonna hold u down!!!

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6? it should be #1 #2

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I've already listened to it. Best believe I will have my copy as soon as it hits the shelf.

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Eminem is wack and overrated. He is simply our generations Elvis. The best mainstream white dude in rap so people blow him way out of proportion the same way they did Elvis. The dude has not done anything special other than be white and maybe "Stan" which is one song. TIP made a way for a lot of dudes that would not be eating off of rap if not for bringing "Trap Muzik" to the mainstream. As for Eminem having best album of the year no way. Truthfully, Rick Ross album was better than Em's. No Mercy is a good album as expected

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Only 6?!?!?!
It should be number 1 or number 2 if people are stupid, but 6...
But yeah, the album hasn't came out yet so the album will be number 1 on December 7!

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Lol. What?? It should go, EM #1, T.I. #2, I'ma TIP fan till the end.. But come on Em's album goes! It was the hottest of 2010 numbers don't lie. T.I. will be #2 forsure!

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And the album hasn't came out yet either. That's good.

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this album should be No. 1 !!!

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Vibe's opinion does not mean much to me. I like No Mercy better than Drake's and Kanye's albums put together.