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Warner Music Presents: The Warner Sound


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on March 5, 2012 - 2:12pm


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I wanted to let TI and Tiny know that I really enjoyed the show! I am not a big fan of reality shows, however your show was very amusing and informative. TI, I really respect your role as a Husband, Father, Provider and Business man. Most importantly your role as head of the household. You are a very positive and a good family man. What really got my attention, which I thought was very odd was the fact that you have NO tatoos nor to stero type)You are a true leader and not a follower...that really stuck out to me, and you have a old and wise soul. I truly believe God is going to use you in a mighty way. Keep God first, and continue to honor your family. Thanks for an enjoyable 6 months! I did get a chance to visit Tiny's nail salon when I was in town. I have family there. My neice actually use to go to the same school King went to, in fact she use to walk him out the school everyday when school let out. Lol...I thought that was hilarious! Mariah. TI and Tiny keep up the good work! You have a fan! Peace & Blessings!

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I plan to take that 3 hr ride to show love to my favorite fellow.......all the way from H=Town