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WORLD PREMIERE: "Get Back Up" ft. Chris Brown


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on October 15, 2010 - 8:16pm

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i know once in my life ive been let down i think this song helped me out alot

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I just want you to know that I'm praying for you and your family. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and will remain a loyal fan. It's so distrubing that people are so quick to judge. “Get Back Up” says it all and I listen to it atleast five times a day. You will never be able to please everyone and that’s okay. Keep doing you and everything will work out. May God bless you and I will be patiently be awaiting your return…

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Heard that AXE was no longer endorsing u T.I. ~
all I got 2 say is when 1 door shuts anotha door opens T.I. ~
I look forward 2 one day smellin "Tha KING" collection of cologne, deoderant, soap, body mist, shower gel, candles, and all tha other smell goods u can offer. ***HINT HINT***

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Keep your head up Tip....It's hard being in the limelight; I support everything you do good, bad or indifferent. You are my NUMBER UNO artist. Like you say you human; if this happened to Clifford Harris and not the artist you will be home chilling. So keep your head up.....It's called Lessons In Life. Tiny be strong I know how it feels to hold your man down. Sometimes its a lifetime position that's why God gave us a rib cause sometimes we have to be as strong as the men, if not stronger. Been there done that. Loving the Harris family to the maxxxx. I hope to meet you soon. Stay positive!

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Loved the song.. F*ck the haters everyone has faults including a celebrity!! Keep your heard up and to your wife: stay strong and keep doing what you do!!! we see you holding the house down for your man and most importantly your kids!!! Keep up the great work!!

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I love the new song ft. Chris Brown its like it open my eyes because as of last night I was crying tears because no one appreciates what im doing working two jobs sinlge mama an they put me down I dont see my bby or im not around but enough with my life it just opened my eyes this morning when I heard it im not perfect im only human i have to work to keep my daughters needs an baby things she needs .... I love this song . Praying for your god bless you and keep your head up u be out n no time .. love nanas

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"I love this song TIP"You have a calling on your life...God aint through with you yet...He had to get you alone again...You got work to do...You got lil lives to save...God did this...Just pay attention...I dont hold nothing against you...YOu keep it 1000% wit your fans and the haters...WHo am I to judge you...I learn from you...Eventhough I am a PSychology Major, and work in real estate, and married with a daughter nad a dog and a picket fence...but guess who music blasting in the mountaineer when I pull up...My Dog TIP...CAuse you are the greatest thang rapping since 2 pac..."Let GOd use You SOme MOre......

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Keep your head up!!! TIP4LIFE!!! Luv ya...

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Love this song TIP! All your true fans will be waiting on you when come home as loyal as ever. And yes all your good do out weigh your bad. Praying for you and your family. Keep your head up!

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I love the song tip. God Bless u. Love it.

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I just keep replaying replaying this song over and over love it so talented TI. I'm praying for you and your family! God Bless and keep you. Much Luv!

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This is a great and special song. You will get back up and you will no matter what be loved by all your fans including me your #1 fan. I will miss you when you are gone. I know you will never let us down again. Life will never be easy we just have to keep pushing through and be the best person we can be. I love you T.I.P....SEE YA WHEN YOU GET OUT!!!!

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Great song man everything you touch is amazing. I'm praying you get it together and get back up. Much luv God Bless!

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God does not limit your chances. If he did, we would all be up the creek without a paddle. So as long as you are among the living, and are sincere in your heart, you have another chance to ask for God's forgiveness and guidance to help you become the person he created you to be.

Therefore, we should not pass judgment on people. We should treat others the same way we want to be treated. No hating...No judgment.

We are all imperfect souls. So we should not expect other people to be something we are not.

Much love to T.I., Tiny & the Family. Those who truly love you, love you unconditionally.

Remember we Got Your Back...Because we know that you will...Get Back Up!!!!

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Thanks for this single T.I....This song is amazing...Im goin miss u..I will always be with u no matter what happens...#1 Fan

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Hey Tip...I Love your lastest single with Chris speak on some things that we all have gone thru or what we are facing....This song actually encourages me! Thanks & the ATL will see you again when you get back home...4sho'!!! ATL-Westside/Bankhead/Adamsville...

When they push you down, we got to get back up!!!

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Just downloaded this song and everybody is loving it! Keep ur head up pimpin, you already know them haters want 2 be like u! Keep them bloging please!!!!!!!!

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People lol, this song is total crap Oo

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In the bible it states if a man falls seventy times seven, he can get back up....u have the ability to bless the world with your testimony...and it continues to be written... so use this time to write a happy ending..we pray for u, because u r just like us..Human...stay strong African King u r not alone....Shalom

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Its interesting how People come in ur life when ur @ the top but when ur @ the bottom they diappear!ppl pump u up when ur high "u da best ect. & wanna tag along but they don't stick around 2 encorage u to keep the momentum. so u gota ask urself who do u TRUST & don't b surprised @ who u cut OFF!(queen latifah told me those words of wisdom!)

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It's the king bitch!

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Grew on me quick. TIP makes good music just bad that we will never get this album though. Maybe in another 2 years. This dude is turning into Dr. Dre

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"Pushin It" The Game ft. T.I and Robin Thicke Music Video

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I love your music I love u I've been listening to u since im serious your very talented an I cant wait till uncaged comes out an I do hope one day to meet u.. keep it pimping



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I think the next 11 months are going to be the hardest months of my life. This is hitting me hard because i was just at your One Night Only Show with Axe music and was blessed enough to be in the front row and be able to wipe you down with my towel all night! It was the best night of my life! I will never forget when you took the towel from me, placed it on a chair and brought it back to me during another song. It was too sweet! I appreciated it because you didn't have to bring it back.
I will ALWAYS be a fan of your Tip and it hurts because I know I'm going to be defending you till the end for the next 11 months and i'm not worried because I know you're going to come back harder than before! GOD is Good and this is only a minor setback! My dream is to be able to collaborate with you in the future and by the grace of GOD it will happen because i will continue to speak it into existency!
Keep your head up Tip and know that #TeamTip has your back! To all the Tip fans...if you are TRULY a fan, now is NOT the time for judgement, it is a time for LOVE and SUPPORT. I love you Tip and you and your family will always be in my prayers and in my heart! =)
Danika. (Your towel assistant from your Axe One Night Only Show! Shorty in the front row with the hot pink argyle sweater! LOL) See you soon! xoxo!