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World Premiere: “Love This Life” [Audio]


  • April 02, 2012
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    World Premiere: “Love This Life” [Audio]
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    Click HERE to buy the mp3 right now! New album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head coming soon!

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on April 2, 2012 - 7:29pm

Click HERE to buy the mp3 right now! New album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head coming soon!


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Its funny you want someone to get real with you.....when you have REFUSED to get real with yourself TI!
If the lyrics to this track is taking definitely are on your own..with the 'LOVE THIS LIFE' phrase...!! Your clone .... in charge of the bird play you said in your ..'swagga like us track'..... claims ...he has the whole world in his pocket...! Imagine that! Why then.. will you not LOVE THIS LIFE??
Say ....the lyrics to the track is not ....even taken literally..!! Your Bird Play Clone in his lyrics with GODZILLA in the Conglomerate track... that 'life is a bitch and he is proud of this gal'...! How grossly pretentious can you get! ... when the whole Rap Politics is an UNJUST war raged on WOMEN!
You say you LOVE This LIFE......and yet....LIFE is LOVE, they are one and INSEPARABLE TI....! This is something your ICE COLD, UN-REPENTANT,UN-FORGIVEN HEART will not comprehend!
What's with the advise in not believing the hype spread online.....for the nature of LIFE IS DIVINE! .... If you think so......then why spread the fucking hype yourself? another screwed up test perhaps? Do you really think you can learn about YOU by testing YOU? what the fuck have you learnt in the last several hundred years...? aside from tweaking the usual bullshit and recycling the whole generation...! How has that completed you?
Lastly, I guess your kidding when you said .....'you have a Strong Mind...and a Kind Heart'! Yet you invite your Players to bawl with you till they DIE! saying they can't find it done better anywhere else!!?? ....and you keep busting females and threatening them when they do not wish to keep up .....with your advanced misconduct!....
TI...Please! You Don't EVEN know what those words MEAN!! For you.... PLAYER... LIFE/LOVE is a GAME....! so why the hell won't you LOVE THIS LIFE!!

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Feels like I've been waiting on a new album for a minute even though F*ck Tha City Up just came out...

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hs is bak

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I love that song for real !!!!!!!!!! ANOTHER HIT IS HERE GOOD JOB T.I.

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Love this life!
Love this song!

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know I love this song