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WORLD PREMIERE: "No Mercy" ft. The-Dream [Music Video]


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on December 5, 2010 - 9:46am


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ii love diss videoo!!!
my bby tip did a good job and diss song would be another hit :)

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ok here we go again. so tired of the sad songs but i luv t.i. so its all good plus theres always a positive message. wish my cd would arrive already.

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I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Can't wait till Tomorrow!!1

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I dig this one of my favorites off the album. Good joint here

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I agree with GrandmaJ .. I already got my copy from ITunesLuv; YA TIP

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wow thats really nice
there will be 2 longest days

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Just when I think tip has written the best song ever, he comes up with another one that I love better than the last!!!!!

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This has to be one of his beat songs of all time

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LOVE IT !!!!!!!! :D
so excited been waitin since march !

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The song and video goes hard! It's very beautiful and No Mercy will do great on the charts!

2 more days!!!!

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T.I & The Dream: This song is HARD & DEEP!!!! I locve it...I cannot wait until Tuesday

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i bet its s great vid ...but i cant see it:( ...can sombody fix it please!!!

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Nice video and nice song!!
Can u put this video on Youtube? Cause I want to Facebook share :P

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Hey, it aint workin here in the Czech Republic. Can somethin be done to make it work? Thx;)

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Last of a Dying Breed!

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Another musical work of genius by The King of the South. The-Dream's haunting chorus and T.I.'s real, down to earth lyrics are soemthing everyone can identify with. Everyone has been thrown under the bus and sometimes it takes a couple times for it to get through to you that you're doing something wrong. However, even when you do, everyone is focused on the negative and dont care about the positives things you are doing. When you are a celebrity you are held to a higher standard, espcially if you are a role model that many look up to. T.I. i will support you and hail you as the greatest rapper of this time and I hope this will be your last stint in jail. If you're a King, then you have to act like one and jail is no place for royalty.

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I was loving the beat and the lyrics were deep. I loved it and I can NOT WAIT for Tuesday...

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nice beat i love it and the car BRO, it sound is good i love it alotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~nat dawg~