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WORLD PREMIERE: Official T.I. - "No Mercy" Tracklisting


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on November 16, 2010 - 11:49am

Click HERE to check out the official No Mercy tracklisting now!


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* December 7th * I'll be at da store coppin dis fire in person.. no internet ordering 4 me, da old school way in a new school day.. December 7th i'll be out supporting and standin by: da real, da KING., Grand Hustle PSC and Company, dat timeless real music, and REAL artistry at its realest, rarest, and at its finest..u can bet da house on dat.. followed by ridin(maybe in da sky) thru whatever city i'm in, bumpin dat T.I.P NO MERCY; front to back and top to bottom.. All da real 1s around da globe should go purchase and support dis fire comin, if dey so pleaz.. HA cant wait! * December 7th *

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i like it!!!

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OMG This mite be his hardes album yet!! but that will be to hard to judge

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Will be there first thing in the morning to get it. I know those lines will be long as hell.

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It's cool. Too many guest appearances but maybe it turns out hot. "Get Back Up" is dope, "All She Wrote" is straight, "I can't help it" is okay. Of course I will need to hear the whole thing but looking forward to seeing it.

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I already did. It's the shiiiiiit! and having eminem on it makes it that much better.

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Damn, that is a hot tracklist! Check out "That's All She Wrote" Feat. Eminem on youtube, released today.

It's the king bitch!

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Damn right Zelmar....You know what it is...

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It'll be so good cause it's Da KING bitch!