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AMeriCan Dream

AMeriCan Dream
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I am tryin to hold on to the AMerican Dream
Its slippin through my fingers so it seems
I have become complacent, where has the time went
It seems I just started, I wanted to see uncharted
Territory, I was tryin to tell my story...........
...But I became complacent basking in the glory
while putting this story on paper let me just taper
off squeesing this calamity realizing its gotta be
more for me to do, I am now clever to this RED, WHITE
and BLUE
It gives no hand outs to the fallen, I need to stop staulin
I am holding on to the AMerican Dream, My REIGN is not ova for me or my team... I still have this gleem
That will not dim, for you, for her, or for him
I havent finish w/ this journey, for goodness sake
I will make this DREAM stay alive even if I must cut ties
I'm doing what history has taught, I have fought
Many battles in the stream Make way for this.....
AMerican DREAM

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