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Live In The Sky Ft. Jamie Foxx

Live In The Sky Ft. Jamie Foxx

Average: 4.8 (17 votes)
Posted by: Trapmuzik

Live In The Sky Ft. Jamie Foxx

Live In The Sky Ft. Jamie Foxx

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on June 25, 2010 - 11:18am
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Live In The Sky Ft. Jamie Foxx

Average: 4.8 (17 votes)


The Goon's picture

Nice Beat. As for the lyrics;.........weigh too pretentious for me brother!! Just being curious! ..... WHO THE FUCK BLOWS ALL THESE PEOPLE OFF THE MAP?
Do get REAL!

Deuce Coliyon's picture

Still keepin it 1grand wit Da King.......

justin chaitoo's picture

see had great friend told be easy and love but he down that path and i had a lot of friend did think so what doing wrong the life told me had funny day but when told me keep my head up i listen i hope you listen i know one day i will see him one day i see good in other that had to change is good i know i could make it keep hart in that path bad but when is a lot stuff had me good person that be better you manybe that same thing so you stay on you see that live in the sky to me all you keep on ever stop you aka that donot mean any thing now be happy love stay on the of good you see we up and down learn understand family you good things around it be good

snowpixie's picture

great memorial song...guess thats y u da kang!

jshell's picture

TIP is really walking the path Pac was on when it comes to muzik. This one reminds me of how long will the mourn me!!!!! JUst SaYing!!!! Long live the Kang!!!!!!

slimhill's picture

r.i.p to all da fallen homies & family,

slimhill's picture

like is song,i tink of my homie when i hear this,he died whe he was 15,life taken so early,then moms pasted,got another homie doing tyme,flash backs from when i was doing tyme,king for real this is why i listen to ur music,i can relate,keep doing ur thang king,much respect to ya...

R-Smoovee x3's picture

I Likee This Song .

draperdelite's picture

this tha shit my nigga wrote this joint. got some good lyrics

mel_2's picture

This song was played at my brother's military memorial....very touching, especially considering the circumstances. Thanks T.I........much love!


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