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No Matter What

No Matter What

Average: 4.8 (18 votes)
Posted by: Trapmuzik

No Matter What

No Matter What

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on June 25, 2010 - 11:21am
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No Matter What

Average: 4.8 (18 votes)


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this IS my favorite tip song!! and its all so true :) sexie baby boi !! 'getget get it!

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Truly one of T.I's best songs, love the lyrics and the flow. Anyone who deny's he's not the King of The South needs to listen to this song, shows why he's been on top for so long. Respect the King, Salute! Team T.I for Life.

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laurensreaelstraat 69
2595 xk
for harris Bové-Clifford.
xxx -hope- Bové-Clifford.

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ik was altijd alleen.

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No matter how, JUST DO YOUR GAME.

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if u evah leave tiny i want an hr with u !!!!!!

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if you are alive and you like rap, you have to like Ti, HE'S REAL People and REAL RECOGNIZES REAL, LOVE THIS SONG.

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and when you on top but you know do not stop and they do not think about this life and if you stop but you need to be hope and faith thing will get better and you all going the same thing but it maybe the same but if you can not them you down and now they up you need to be on top you if you keep hope and have good persons and great hope for you always means that is going to get better for you that what this song mean to me ever stop


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