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T.I. - Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown [Official Music Video]

T.I. - Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown [Official Music Video]

Average: 4.7 (44 votes)
Posted by: MattLantic

Pre-order "No Mercy" @ | You can also buy the "Get Back Up" single @

Pre-order "No Mercy" @...

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on November 3, 2010 - 4:56pm
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Pre-order "No Mercy" @ | You can also buy the "Get Back Up" single @

Average: 4.7 (44 votes)


abdsfgg101's picture

Trueee Lyric!!

tradgedy's picture

tha thing i luv bout T.I. his songz r sooo relateable
unlike otha rappers who be only talkin themselves up

elyah_toni's picture

Hello my good man! .. T.I., you give me new reasons to love and respect you more , each time you come out ... you COME OUT!! Talk about feelings and emotions... huh... I am telling you, you are not alone..I can relate to every note of song and every word of rap... both you and Chris, You make a dynamic team... and yea... "It is human to err" The message is clear in all your songs!! Big up your status..EVERY TIME!!!

C-LOS's picture

You are the realest rapper in the game you dont just rap about stupid shit you rap about life things I can relate too. you have truly been a role model to me I have learned alot from you your the best and just keep it up T.I. dont let shit get you down.

<3 C.J.H's picture

Love this song
everyones human and makes mistakes...
xxx's picture

you just get better and better with time...i remember the 1st time i heard one of your songs which was 24's and i was maybe in the 6th grade, now i'm a freshman in college. I am absolutely in LOVE with every song i hear by you and i have cried to make my mom buy your cd's. i get goosebumps EVERYTIME i see you on tv or hear a song either by or featuring you.! listening to your songs is what gets me through my DREAM is actually have the chance to meet you in person. Everything you do is like an inspiration to me, with all the things you've been through you always just get back up and dust yourself off and continue doing you right where you left off at. i love every little about you.!!! keep doing what you do best, because i could not go a day with listening to your music!!!

ModelNicoleZ's picture

You have done so much for me over the years....I first took interest in your outrageous talent in the 7th grade, I just now Graduated high school and have been an admirer and representer ever since. There is no way that with you making some mistakes I am going to leave your side. Your only human, just like the rest. All that you have done for me over the years is something that remains deep in my heart, you nearly raised me with your soul bleeding lyrics. I have learned so much greatness from you, and I have obtained so much knowledge from your words. You are the best rapper living, but more importantly my absolute favorite. The respect I have for you is un explainable being that it is so beyond high. I wish I could personally thank you for all but what I can do is represent and continue to always stand behind you. On Decemeber 7th I make a contribution & give back to you, but more than that in my heart you remain. This sounds pretty strange because we have never met i person but through your music you have been speaking to me for years, teaching me and mentoring me so I do know you, I have been listening to your words for years, which comes from your heart and soul. God Bless you and your Family. For all those turning on you, they were never really down then. The good does Out weigh the bad and that is what really matters. I'll always have your back Tip, No Mistakes To Great to Recover and Bounce Back.

-Nicole Zyana

Lenora Herron's picture

I love this song T.I.its all good in the 313

ms.nikki's picture

I love this song T.I. is the greatest and still is the king. No matter what people say you are only human and us as human being makes mistakes in life and we learn from them much love.

Roo George's picture

That right, number 1 video on 106 and Park already!


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