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T.I. - Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown [Official Music Video]

T.I. - Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown [Official Music Video]

Average: 4.7 (44 votes)
Posted by: MattLantic

Pre-order "No Mercy" @ | You can also buy the "Get Back Up" single @

Pre-order "No Mercy" @...

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on November 3, 2010 - 4:56pm
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Pre-order "No Mercy" @ | You can also buy the "Get Back Up" single @

Average: 4.7 (44 votes)


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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dats a hit guys..gud work


So true , like always T.I. has the best written lyrics and i can relate whit him and understand truly what he is talking about , love this new song just like i love the other once he has made from hes heart :)

MrsBoone32's picture

T.I. always seems to amaze me. I guess that's why he is my favorite hip hop artist. I will and always will be a true and loyal fan. I love this song.The lyrics are so real and I almost cried the first time I heard it. I think itwas a great idea to have Chris Brown on the track with the controversy behind his relationship with Rihanna. I love you T.I. Keep your head up!

Terega's picture

First I must say I do not normally comment on websites. But you always seem to amaze me with you lyrics. I love the intelligence about life that you bring to your music. You do not see many people who admit when they are in the wrong, and make a song about it so others can learn from it. I Love This Song! I must admit I use some of your songs to teach my children, and even though I teach them these values myself, it is always good to hear positive reinforcement from someone they love as well as I. I am always excited to hear what you are coming out with next!! I wish nothing be the best for you and yours!

bitch's picture

Tip and Breezy, my boys!!!!!!!

Natasha's picture

Great Job...Your an AMAZING artist and I think you and Chris recorded an amazing song together..People have no reason to judge but,, they will..just like you have no reason to apologize..The fame and glory of living in the spotlight might be nice, but, I'm sure celebrities wish their private lives were just that PRIVATE and their not..which in my opinion is sad what goes on behind closed doors is nobody's busines not even fans...!


I love it!! I totally love this song.. You and Chris!! You doing it! This song is your testimony!! You and Chris, you listen.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!! Thanks for sharing this!!! No one is perfect no not one!! Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from it and move on!! LET'S GO TO WORK!! GET BACK UP!! I LOVE IT!

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Great song Tip, another master piece for the ears of the world to listen too. Hopefully your comeback can save others from the depth of neglect they are in. Thanks for representing us, the people man. Your a real rapper like Tupac.

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This was pretty cool. I like it. I always believe in forgive and forget, poeple make misstakes, even celebraties are human and are intitled to error, so who are we to judge one another. I'll say this to everyone, before you judge someone about what he/she have done look at yourself first.

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"This too Shall Pass" God Placed You Were You Needed to Be When You Assisted Negotiating the Young Man from attempting suicide. Prayers with Tiny as well...


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