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T.I. Gets Personal on ‘VH1 Storytellers’

on December 13, 2010 - 5:12pm

Between performing songs from his 2001 debut album to his latest No Mercy, Tip shared candid stories about his redemption from the life of a drug dealer to the rap superstar he is today. He also took questions from fans in the audience at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

Among the highlights were never-before-performed-live songs “Still Ain’t Forgave Myself” and the highly personal “I Still Luv You,” along with his hits “Rubber Band Man,” “Bring ‘Em Out,” and “Live Your Life.” Watch the full episode above.

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T.I. Says Pharrell Asked Him To Vent On “Get Back Up”

on December 10, 2010 - 5:02pm

"When all of these things started coming to pass, Pharrell called me like, 'Hey, man, somebody somewhere is trying to tell you something,' and I'm like, 'Yeah, you know, that may be,' " Tip continued. "Then we had a conversation at length about how I felt about the media's portrayal of my circumstances. And he said, 'You know what? That's what you need to say in a song.' And I say, 'Man, I ain't talking about no music right now, P.' And he say, 'But that's what they wanna hear, that's what you need to tell 'em. Just ride with me on this.

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David Banner Says T.I. Has Always Battled 'Adversity'

on December 10, 2010 - 5:01pm

"T.I.'s probably one of the strongest dudes that I ever met. Since the first day I met him, he was the shortest dude in the room but had his chest poked out the furthest [and] always kept his head up." - David Banner via

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Tip Reveals Diddy Gave Him "Castle Walls"

on December 10, 2010 - 5:00pm

"A funny thing about this record: It belonged to my big homey Puff first," Tip explained in an exclusive interview on "RapFix Live." "Puff, he acknowledged it, 'Yeah, this is my record, but you know what, I think this is a better fit for you. I think you should rock out on this one. I think this speaks volumes to where you are, what you going through, what you living and how you feel.' " -